Virtual Platform

overview1-300x245Novus Agro has developed a virtual market place where farmers can transact directly with a processor and realize a better price for their produce, while processors at the same time can reduce the number of intermediaries in their supply chain thereby getting farm produce at more competitive prices. The system is based on an innovative integration of web and mobile internet, allowing for deployment of first world technology solutions in some of the most remote farming communities in the country. Commodity aggregation and physical exchange of the produce between farmer and processor is done either through existing intermediaries or Novus Agro’s field agents armed with mobile devices running our custom application.  Our virtual market does not attempt total elimination of intermediaries, as intermediaries are indispensable in an economy like Nigeria’s where weak market infrastructure requires their expertise in storage, transportation, quality assessment and counter party risk reduction. The Novus Agro model therefore leverages on the role of intermediaries but yet allows greater flow of value and market information to the farmers and processors.

Our platform is a constantly updated bank of market information that allows users to buy and sell through strategic linkages for commodities and inputs trade, commodity price information and trends, transportation and warehousing.

Mobile Apps

MobileDemoFarmer Management App

The farmer management app is an intuitive mobile application that field agents can use to profile farmers. It facilitates data gathering on the field with features to collect farmers’ personal data, incident reports, inputs sourcing and usage reports. It is also equipped with GPS and image capturing dashboards for proper data collection.

Agro Auction App

This app contains three interfaces:

  • The enumeration app is used by market agents to upload commodity price data as it happens, the app immediately synchronizes data with the Novus Agro database therefore, no information is lost in time.
  • The input sales app is used by field agents to aggregate and upload farmers’ demand for various inputs (fertilizers, seeds, pesticides) which is then seen and responded to by manufacturers and distributors through the virtual markets platform. Thus, demands are met with the best inputs at the best prices.
  • The offers upload app is used by field agents to aggregate and upload farmers’ offers to sell commodities of various measures and collate them into threshold quantities which is then seen and responded to by buyers and processors through the virtual markets platform, thus, giving them access to markets in an easy, transparent and more profitable manner.

Commodity Index app

Enables users receive updates of weekly price averages of nine commodities from nine key markets across Nigeria. The commodity index is Novus Agro’s CSR initiative to help stakeholders in the industry make critical and strategic business decisions.