Our Services

Organizing Farmers

We use technology and a trained network of community-based facilitators, we profile and verify smallholder farmers on our platform and facilitate interactions between them and other stakeholders. We have Profiled over 40,000 farmers in our database across 24 states.

Facilitating Credit

Novus Agro works in partnership with lenders (Banks, Investors etc) processors, input providers and other key stakeholders to design and implement sustainable out-grower schemes across value chains.

Facilitating Inputs

Novus Agro identifies value chain specific best input for your planting program.

Knowledge support

Our facilitators act as para extension agents trained by input suppliers to provide a reference knowledge base and critical support in good agricultural practices


Our main objective is to aggregate smallholder farmers and make them available for any stakeholder in the agricultural sector who wants to transact with them. One of the major challenges of these farmers is access to market and extortion by middle men.
Grainpoint was created to solve this problem. Grainpoint is a platform where buyers meet sellers. We have about 100 mini aggregation centers across Nigeria where our field agents aggregate grains and other commodities from farmers. These farmers get paid almost immediately at the prevailing market price thereby removing the problem of extortion from middlemen and making market available for farmers