Is Novus Agro an NGO or a non-for-profit organization?

No, Novus Agro is a private limited liability company and is for profit

Can I get price updates or notifications free of charge?

You can get our commodity index updates free of charge by visiting our facebook page and twitter pages  or through any of our media partners; Vanguard on Mondays, Businessday , Punch and Channels Television. The commodity Index is a compilation of weekly average prices of nine (9) commodities across nine (9) key markets.

To get personalized price data for a fee, via SMS or email, send a request to

Can I get farm gate prices from Novus Agro?

Yes you can. Novus Agro currently enumerates agricultural commodities in farmgate markets across twenty states and this can be extended to suit your purpose so call us today.

How does Novus Agro collect its prices?

Prices are collected on each market day at the point of greatest activity in a market. Collection time is the same for each market day, as prices change throughout the day. Prices are collected in both wholesale and retail measures. In some markets, (farm-gate markets), these prices might actually be the same. As a rule, the most quoted prices are collected in the markets as prices could vary from seller to seller.

How long has Novus Agro collected prices?

Novus Agro has collected commodity prices across Nigerian markets for over four (4) years

What type of commodities does Novus Agro collect prices on?

Novus Agro collects prices on agricultural commodities sold in its enumeration markets. Staples and food products are given priority as they are available in most markets and prices can be compared for strategic decision making

What is the frequency of price collection?

Novus Agro collects prices on a market day basis, this could be daily, every four days, weekly or fortnightly.

How can I order for commodities on Novus Agro?

You can send your request to or sign up for free on at to place your order.

How can I get Price information?

You can send your request to to receive advice on the best channel through which you can get price information. Our price data can be accessed through;

  • A monthly subscription that gives you prices of three commodities from two markets twice weekly at NGN100 only
  • A one of request using our shortcode, SMS “NA commodity, state” e.g. “NA tomato, Lagos” to 32120 at NGN30 only
  • Get bulk price data delivered via email after you receive an invoice and payment is confirmed.
  • Sign up at, request your data set, pay for data and download.

How can I get inputs from Novus Agro?

You can send your request to or sign up for free at and place your order