About Novus Agro

Novus Agro is a multisided platform that organizes smallholder farmers into accessible groups for all that want to transact with them. Using technology and a trained network of community-based facilitators, we profile and verify smallholder farmers on our platform and facilitate interactions between them and other stakeholders. Novus Agro was established in 2012 to fill the white space of privately led real time agricultural market data collation as well as facilitate linkages between agricultural value chain participants. Today, Novus Agro runs the largest private network for the collection of agricultural market information in Nigeria, as well as the widest network of community-based market facilitators. Since inception, the firm has gradually increased its market agent footprint to cover the six geo-political zones in Nigeria thereby ensuring it can offer a fully representative service, physically we are currently in 26 states of the Federation and run a network of over 305 facilitators in various rural communities across the country working with farmers to improve access to markets.

Who We Are

  • Novus Agro is a multisided platform that organizes smallholder farmers and links them to services and markets.
  • Smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa usually have very little individual leverage when it comes to access to finance, know-how, inputs and markets, but become an invaluable asset when organized in sizable transactable groups.
  • Novus Agro using technology and a well-trained field network to attract and register smallholder farmers on the platform by providing easy access to credit and advisory knowledge. A critical mass of small holder farmers on the platform will in turn attract both produce buyers and input sellers to transact with them.


To make smallholder farmers accessible to all who want to transact with them

Inspiration And Passion (Why we love our work)

We are shifting away from being a business that provides services to agricultural stakeholders to one focused on solving key problems for smallholder farmers and organizations that want to transact with them

Positioning Statement

For all

  • Who need to work with well organised smallholder farmer groups
  • Novus Agro is a Multi-sided platform
  • That organises smallholder famers for all who want to transact with them
  • Unlike Traditional agricultural service providers who focus on a section of the value chain in specific localities
  • Novus Agro provides a transactional platform for everyone to conveniently access large groups of smallholder farmers across sub-Saharan Africa.