Novus Agro is a full-fledged Agricultural markets and professional services firm offering agro based information and consulting services to all direct and indirect participants of the Agricultural sector.

The firm was established in 2009 to fill the white space of privately led real time Agro market data collation as well as build a database of all direct and indirect participants in the Nigerian agro sector.

Novus Agro has developed its own technology platform which offers a range of technical and business features the firm wraps up in the services it provides its clients.

Since inception, the firm has gradually increased its market agent footprint to cover the six geo-political zones in Nigeria thereby ensuring it can offer a fully representative service, physically we are in 36 states of the Federation covering over 103 key markets and tracking 34 commodities daily. We continue to expand our footprint at all times.

Our goal is to help all involved in the agricultural supply and value chain ranging from individual subsistence farmers, farmer based associations, processors and exporters to blue chip firms to be successful by taking the time to understand their problems and how we can best help them to meet their needs.

Who We Are


To retain and solidify our position as the number one go-to organization for Agricultural information in Nigeria while leveraging on existing and continuously acquired data to achieve profitability.


To continuously increase organizational value through aggressive and tactical business expansion while maximizing our potentials for wealth creation and profit

Core Values

Generating data through Relationships and Offering solutions for Wealth creation with Technology and Hard work.

G – Generating data

R – Relationship building

O – Optimized solutions

W – Wealth creation

T – Technology

H – Hard work


Novus Agro is a private company that uses technology to provide market access to farmers.  Novus Agro was incorporated in 2012, prior to that the company had operated since December 2009 as Esoko Nigeria, a franchise of the Esoko Network.

Since inception, Novus Agro has continued to pioneer the use of technology and information to solve critical agricultural value chain challenges.

Our model is based on the use of a highly trained network of field agents and our proprietary mobile technology platform to provide a last-mile connection between rural farmers and markets.


Some of our key achievements to date include:

Being the first Nigerian company to collect commodity price data nationally and continuously in 62 markets for over 4 years; Novus Agro has built a price information monitoring system in 62 markets across 23 states in Nigeria. The system tracks prices of at least 25 major commodities on a market day basis from each of these markets. The data collected is rigorously vetted and uploaded to our price information database within hours of being collected.

Novus Agro’s price information, analysis and trends have been patronized by key participants in the agro space such as Sahel Capital, Syngenta, Sosaco, Tomato Jos, among others. Our data has also caught the interest of world class organizations such as GEMS 4, the World Bank and Accenture. The CBN, Smallholders foundation and media partners such as Channels TV, Agro Nigeria magazine, The Punch and Vanguard Newspapers are recipients of the weekly Novus Agro Commodity Index updates.

Novus Agro has also in the past year recruited and trained a network of young, technologically-savvy market facilitators in 270 communities across 10 states in Nigeria, making it one of the largest dedicated network of market facilitators in the country. Novus Agro’s facilitators live and work in their communities providing vital commodity aggregation services to farming communities as well as playing a para-extension role to support better yield from farms.

Novus Agro’s field operations in price enumeration and market facilitation are reliant on our technology platform that links field operations to our online platform. The system is based on an innovative integration of web and mobile internet, allowing for deployment of first world technology solutions in some of the most remote farming communities in the country. Commodity aggregation and farm-gate price enumeration is done by Novus Agro’s field agents armed with mobile devices running our custom applications.

Pilot & Project Stories

Market Information Call Center Project

farmer-with-phoneNovus Agro in June, 2015 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Growth and Employment in States (GEMS 4) Wholesale and  Retail Sector Project and Customer Contact Solutions Limited (CCSNL); the trio has recently embarked  on a Department For International Development (DFID) sponsored project to link farmers to markets (food processors, exporters, etc).

The project is tailored to improve smallholder farmers’ opportunity to trade and negotiate a fair market price, increase income of farmers & traders while benefiting a lot of women in the agricultural value chain especially where they have mobility to markets such that agro processors can easily locate them.

IMG_20150818_163220-300x225Uniquely integrated into this project is a voice service channel through which farmers and agricultural stakeholders can obtain information on the go, whenever they want – with no subscriptions, no extra charges, no internet service or special technology required – critical agricultural information that can facilitate business decisions is now just a phone call away.

Farmers as well as anyone seeking agricultural market content can call to request for agricultural commodity prices and receive instant respnse from a call center representative who supplies the information in English, Nigerian Pidgin or any of the 3 major indigenous languages ( Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba). Current service offerings through this channel include; Commodity prices, and Offers to buy or sell commodities. Agricultural advisory service is also in the pipeline for this project.

IMG_20150817_151706-300x225The Agricultural Call Centre is a Platform where Individuals/Farmers can call to find out prices of food items/agricultural commodities. GEMS 4/DFID has sponsored scheduled trainings for Novus Agro field agent on price collection and voice service promotion across the country. Two zonal trainings have held so far; the first in Enugu State, South-East, Nigeria covering Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States held from 17th to 20th August 2015. The second zonal training held in Kaduna State, Nigeria from 24th to 27th August, 2015 covering Kaduna, Katsina, Plateau and Zamfara States (See more photo and video clips from the trainings).

Key outcomes from this project that would strengthen Novus Agro’s service offering along agricultural value chains in Nigeria include;

  • Increase in number of markets from 60 to 103 markets
  • Expanded coverage from 23 states to 33 across the federation.
  • Introduction of a call center voice service channel to respond to stakeholders’ requests
  • Access to market information and field intelligence across states and regions with national coverage .