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About Novus Agro

Novus Agro is a multisided platform that organizes smallholder farmers into accessible groups for all that want to transact with them. Using technology and a trained network of community-based facilitators, we profile and verify smallholder farmers on our platform and facilitate interactions between them and other stakeholders. Novus Agro was established in 2012 to fill the white space of privately led real time agricultural market data collation as well as facilitate linkages between agricultural value chain participants. Today, Novus Agro runs the largest private network for the collection of agricultural market information in Nigeria, as well as the widest network of community-based market facilitators.

What We Do

The Team

Chike Nwagwu - CEO

Chike started his working career as a business development executive with Millennium Investment Trust Limited where he quickly rose to become the Business Advisory Lead. In 2000 he left to start icaptechnologies Limited, a Technology solutions development firm with market leadership in the provision of transactional platforms mainly in the media and banking industry in Nigeria.

Stephanie Malu - BDO

Stephanie started her working career in 2012 as a member of AIESEC, in 2014 she became president of the organization, heading 3 local committees in the state. In 2016 she went to Senegal where she developed and executed two national projects, later that year she returned to Nigeria and moved to Sokoto where she co-hosted the first TEDx conference in the

Justin Torkuma - HOO

Torkuma started his career business in 2017 where he co-founded scout-Hub, a technology driven startup, before founding his start-up, had worked in the hospitality industry performing supervisory roles for more than four years, during which he built a profound customer service experience and management. In 2019 he moved to Lagos and joined the Novus Agro team

Olajide Temitope - IT Lead

Temitope started her working career as an intern at FrieslandCampina WAMCO. In 2018, she joined Novus Agro Ltd as an intern where she quickly rose to become the IT department lead of the Organization. Miss. Temitope holds a bachelor’s degree in Food science and technology from the Obafemi Awolowo University, and is a 2019 Utiva data

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